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Designing with the Versal ACAP - Power and Board Design
This content provides a system-level understanding of power and thermal issues related to designing with the Versal™ ACAP.Updated 1.2022 - v2021.2

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Architecture and Methodology
This content helps you to learn about Versal® ACAP architecture and design methodology.Updated 6.2022 - v2022.1

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Network on Chip
This content introduces the Versal™ ACAP network on chip (NoC) to users familiar with Xilinx devices. Besides providing an overview of the major components in the Versal device, the course illustrates how the NoC is u...

Designing with the Versal ACAP: PCI Express Systems
This content introduces the features and capabilities of the PCIe® and Cache Coherent Interconnect blocks in the Versal™ architecture. Learn how to implement a Versal ACAP PCI Express® solution in custom applications ...

Designing with Versal AI Engine 1 - Architecture and Design Flow
This content describes the Versal™ AI Engine architecture, how to program the AI Engines (single kernel programming and multiple kernel programming using data flow graphs), the data communications between the PL and A...

Designing with Versal AI Engine 2 - Graph Programming with AI Engine Kernels
This content describes the system design flow and interfaces that can be used for data movements in the Versal™ AI Engine. It also demonstrates how to utilize the advanced MAC intrinsics, AI Engine library for faster ...

Designing with Versal AI Engine 3: Kernel Programming and Optimization
This content covers the advanced features of the Versal® ACAP AI Engine, including debugging an application in the Vitis™ unified software platform, using filter intrinsics, implementing a system design in hardware, a...

Versal ACAP を使用した設計: アーキテクチャと設計手法
このコースでは、Versal® ACAP アーキテクチャと設計手法について学習します。

Classroom - Advanced Versal AI Engine (PLC2 version)
With the Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) family XILINX introduces versions of these devices with a special feature, the AI Engine. The AI Engine offers high performance, low latency capabilities f...

Classroom - Compact Versal ACAP for HW Designer (PLC2 version)
With the new XILINX ACAP family (Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform) hardware developers are enabled for the classic methods of HDL development, i.e. also by using HLS tool. And with Vitis a huge capability of met...