Designing with Versal AI Engine 3: Kernel Programming and Optimization
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Length: 21 Hours
Number of Labs: 5
Number of Chapter: 15
Current Version: 2021.2
Number of Demos: 0


This content covers the advanced features of the Versal® ACAP AI Engine, including debugging an application in the Vitis™ unified software platform, using filter intrinsics, implementing a system design in hardware, and optimizing an AI Engine kernel program.
The emphasis of these courses are on:
  • Reviewing the advanced features of the Versal ACAP AI Engine architecture
  • Optimizing AI Engine kernels using compiler directives, programming style, and efficient movement of data
  • Describing C++ kernel template functionality
  • Identifying the different types of kernel instance states
  • Programming a FIR filter using AI Engine APIs
  • Debugging applications using the Vitis unified software platform
Added 3.2022
  • USD Price = 199
Training Credit Price = 2 TC
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