C-based Design - High-Level Synthesis with the Vivado HLx Tool
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This content provides a thorough introduction to the Vivado® High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tool.
The focus is on:
  • Covering synthesis strategies and features
  • Improving through put, area, interface creation, latency, testbench coding, and coding tips
  • Utilizing the Vivado HLS tool to optimize code for high-speed performance in an embedded environment
  • Downloading for in-circuit validation
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What's new for 2019.2: 
  • Introduction to High-Level Synthesis: Added the RTL black-box feature, which enables the integration of a pre-existing RTL IP into an HLS design
  • Introduction to I/O Interfaces: Updated the graphics to make sure they point to proper block-level or port-level interfaces
  • Vivado HLS Tool C Libraries - Arbitrary Precision: Added more information on floating-point cores
  • HLS Design Flow - System Integration: Added Zynq® UltraScale+™ ZCU104 board support to the lab
  • Accelerating OpenCV Applications Using Vivado HLS Video Libraries: Added more information on using OpenCV in FPGA designs